Exceptional Bioinformatics

The HUB houses multiple pipelines for microbiome profiling. Simply upload your data, select your workflow and choose your pipeline to run.

Shotgun - Kepler (Host Agnostic)
Shotgun - CHAMP™ (Human)

Using the HUB

1. Upload/Import Your Raw Sequencing Data
2. Select Your Data Type - 16S, ITS or Shotgun
3. Select Your Host For Automated Read Depletion
4. Upload Your Study Metadata
5. Select Your Bioinformatics Pipeline
6. View Single Samples & Run Comparative Analyses

Flexible CosmosID-HUB Subscriptions

Your CosmosID-HUB subscription can be tailored to your needs, enabling you to make the most of your data and budget.

Single Sample Reporting Module

Perfect for researchers doing clinical metagenomics research or pre-diagnostic R&D, the single-sample module enables the export of comprehensive individual sample reports as well as the storage of raw data, profiles and metadata.


Microbiome Analysis

Our most popular package includes everything in the single-sample module with the addition of the comparative analysis software providing access to comparative charts, visualizations & statistics.

Antimicrobial Resistance & Virulence Module

The AMR & Virulence Module provides access to the latest databases and covers your database license fees. With the AMR/VF module, any time you analyze shotgun data, your data will include AMR and Virulence gene data.

Advanced Statistics Module (Coming Soon)

The advanced statistics module will enable more complex analysis using your metadata including multivariate statistics, longitudinal analysis or continuous variable-based correlations.

KEGG Module (Coming Soon)

The KEGG module includes your KEGG license fee and enables you to query your shotgun metagenomic data against the KEGG database of functional genes.

Metabolomics Module (Coming Soon)

The Metabolomics module will enable the world’s most interactive and intuitive metabolomics analysis, taking the first step in making multi-omics analysis within the HUB a reality.

"The team at CosmosID have been extremely helpful at each step of the process, right from advice on sampling and shipping through to helping with queries on bioinformatic analysis. In addition, their unique online portal for microbiome data mining is a tremendous resource for researchers without a bioinformatics background."
Richard Murphy
Research Director, Alltech

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During this trial period, you can upload your own data, or if you’re waiting on data to be generated, we can provide you with a case study of your choosing from our warehouse of standardized and catalogued publicly available datasets with complete metadata.

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