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CosmosID-HUB is an advanced microbiome analysis platform designed to streamline and enhance the process of genetic sequencing data evaluation through various bioinformatics pipelines. This sophisticated software supports the analysis of 16S, ITS, shotgun metagenomic, and shotgun metatranscriptomic data, allowing users to upload sequencing data which is then rapidly profiled. Depending on the volume of samples, the processing can be completed within a few minutes to several hours.

intuitive interface

The platform offers a highly intuitive interface where clients can effortlessly create virtual cohorts using study metadata, which is both uploadable and editable directly from the HUB dashboard. These cohorts can be used for comprehensive comparative microbiome analyses, initiated through a user-friendly process of defining the comparative analysis, selecting metadata for comparison, and organizing cohorts by order and color. This process is further enhanced with customizable workflows tailored to specific research needs.

Detailed statistical analyses

Upon completion of the comparative analysis, CosmosID-HUB provides an array of interactive, dynamic charts, and visualizations, alongside detailed statistical analyses including:
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