CosmosID-HUB and Revvity have partnered to offer end-to-end solutions for 16S Amplicon Sequencing & Bioinformatics Analysis. The NEXTFLEX 16S rRNA Amplicon-seq panels are now available bundled with access to CosmosID-HUB.

By utilizing NGS, entire bacterial communities within a sample can be efficiently analyzed from minimal quantities of DNA, without biases that could potentially be introduced by culturing in other non-NGS methods. The NEXTFLEX 16S rRNA amplicon-seq kits maximize the economy and speed of targeted sequencing by offering exceptional values for labs needing a metagenomics solution:

Up to 384 barcodes for multiplexing
Practical kit sizes for low and high‑throughput projects
Streamlined workflow
Automated on Revvity’s suite of liquid handlers to increase your throughput

Customers who purchase parts ending in “S” are entitled to 60-day access to the CosmosID-HUB software to analyze their samples, create cohorts and generate comparative analysis figures for export. 


To learn more about Revvity Library Preparation  kits, please email 

Once your sequencing is finished, simply drag and drop your fastq data to the upload page of the HUB, select your primers, upload your metadata and generate your 16S ASV and functional profiles in as fast as minutes.

From there, leverage your metadata to create comparative analyses where you can:
 – Search for for specific taxa or genes using the matrix table search function
 – Export fully customizable heatmaps and stacked bar charts
 – Calculate the abundance distribution of specific taxa, genes or pathways with significance testing
 – Observe cohort clustering through PCA and PCoA plots in 2D or 3D
 – Calculate Chao1, Simpson or Shannon diversity then test for significance between up to 24 cohorts at a time.
 – Generate LEfSe analysis to look for significantly enriched taxa, genes or pathways.

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