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Whether you’re a seasoned bioinformatician or an early-stage researcher, the HUB’s advanced pipelines empower you to effortlessly unravel the secrets of complex microbiome data.

Before your trial starts, you will receive a demo from a trained member of the CosmosID-HUB team. Once familiar with the platform, your 14-day free trial will begin, giving you unrestricted access to the software.

During this trial period, you can upload your own data, or if you’re waiting on data to be generated, we can provide you with a case study of your choosing from our warehouse of standardized and catalogued publicly available datasets with complete metadata.

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What’s included in the Demo

A trained member of the CosmosID-HUB team will provide aformal walkthrough of the full capabilities of the HUB including:


– Data Upload/Import

– Uploading Metadata

– Dashboard Walkthrough and folder structure

– Creating & Viewing Comparative Analyses

– Exporting data visualizations, abundance tables, diversity metrics, and statistics

– HUB Documentation, Video Tutorials & Methods

"We've been using CosmosID-HUB for our analysis needs and I found the user interface easy-to-use even for people with basic knowledge of bioinformatics and metagenomics"
Martina Di Modica
Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori di Milano